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WAAWestair Aviation
WABAero Industries Inc
WACWest African Cargo Airlines
WADWaddington FTU
WAEWestern Air Express
WAFFlamenco Airways
WAGWisconsin Air National Guard
WAKK5Wings of Alaska
WALWestern Airlines
WAMAir Taxi & Cargo
WAPArrow Panama
WARNZ Warbirds Association
WASWalsten Air Services
WATWings Air Transport
WAWWings Airways
WBAFCFinncomm Airlines
WCAWest Coast Airways
WCBWest Africa Airlines
WCCSport Air Travel
WCGWest Coast Airlines
WCOColumbia Helicopters
WCPFEPrimaris Airlines
WCRWest Caribbean Costa Rica
WCWYHWest Caribbean Airways
WCYViking Express
WDAWimbi Dira Airways
WDGMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
WDKOxford Air Services
WDLW1WDL Aviation
WDRAir Net Private Charter
WDSFour Winds Aviation
WEAWhite Eagle Aviation
WEBWJWebJet Linhas Aéreas
WECUniversal Airlines
WELVeles, Ukrainian Aviation Company
WESWestern Express Air Lines
WEVVictoria International Airways
WEWWest Wind Aviation
WEXWings Express
WFCSwift Copters
WFDBAE Systems
WGAVega Air Company
WGNKDWestern Global Airlines
WGPWilliams Grand Prix Engineering
WGSAirwings oy
WGTLion Air Services
WHEWestland Helicopters
WHRHummingbird Helicopter Service
WHSWiking Helikopter Service
WHYAir Sorel
WIAWindward Islands Airways International
WIGWiggins Airways
WILAero Air
WITWittering FTU
WIWV-avia Airline
WIZMicromatter Technology Solutions
WKHKharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Company
WLAAirwaves Airlink
WLBWings of Lebanon Aviation
WLC2WWelcome Air
WLGVolga Aviaexpress
WLKSkyrover CC
WLRAir Walser
WLSWilliams Air
WLTAviation Partners
WLVAviation North
WLXWest Air Luxembourg
WMLChantilly Air
WNRWondair on Demand Aviation
WOKKovar Air
WOLWings Aviation
WON1WWings Air
WPAWestern Pacific Airservice
WPKAir-Lift Associates
WPRAuckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust
WPTWapiti Aviation
WRAWhite River Air Services
WRF8VWright Air Service
WRTWright Air Lines
WSAWestgates Airlines
WSFWZWest African Airlines
WSGWTWasaya Airways
WSIWind Spirit Air
WSLWestflight Aviation
WSMWisman Aviation
WSNANAdvanced Air
WSTWestern Air
WTAFKAfrica West
WTCWeasua Air Transport Company
WTFWest African Air Transport
WTNBAE Systems
WTPWestpoint Air
WTVWestern Aviators
WUKW9Wizz Air UK
WVAHand D Aviation
WWIWorldwide Jet Charter
WWLWhyalla Airlines
WWMWorld Wing Aviation
WWSWorldwide Aviation Services
WYCWycombe Air Centre
WYGWyoming Airlines
WYTNo 1 Elementary Flying Training School
WZZW6Wizz Air